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Another stand-up showdate added!

Friday, August 12th — 10:00pm — Hollywood Hotel in Los Feliz, hosted by Mr. J

Still doing shows 8/14 and 8/17 too.  And I made a page for my various showdates and details, check it out for all the info you could possibly want about ways to see me clowning*.

*”Clowning” in the sense Marc Maron has been using it in.  Although if I start wearing greasepaint and big shoes, I’ll let you know**.

**Even mentioning clowns makes me think of this Dana Gould impression of Morrissey slash parody song which you should listen to, it’s a great parody song***.

***For more parody songs in a “like the style of something else but still funny if you haven’t heard the original” style, try these gentlemen.